Shea Thompson

Online Instructor - English

Shea-Alison Thompson
Teacher for 25 years
IDLA since 2009
English is my thing, but I’ve taught in special ed and students who are deaf and hard of hearing; I also teach at BYU-Idaho in the department of English
My home is Los Angeles, California
then I moved to Rigby, Idaho in 2007
I love Idaho storms but not snow
I also love chocolate cake with lots of frosting
And my favorite season is fall
I am a singer and songwriter
who misses the beach
who is currently working on two major writing projects: a book about K-12 public education and a psychological thriller
And I write for children
All my pets are rescue including a special Halloween cat named Moonsie who jumped at me from the rose bush in moonlight
My degrees: B.A., English; M.S., Education, Ed.D., Organizational Change and Leadership…all from the University of Southern California. Go Trojans! FIGHT ON!!!
Biggest blessing: My family, husband, and son, Maverick
Toughest Challenge: Getting through this public health crisis without family around
Dreams: I have many! At the top: becoming a published author!
Shea-Alison Thompson, Ed.D.