Ryan Cantrell

Director of District Programs

Ryan Cantrell leads our District Programs team, which works with our external partners and school districts. Ryan’s team consists of our Regional Coordinators and Regional Support Specialists who ensure our local Site Coordinators have the training and support they need to enroll IDLA students, manage IDLA courses onsite and ensure our Idaho students are successful in IDLA coursework. The District Programs team also works with external partners to strengthen our Idaho education system by improving the quality of learning via innovative solutions, fostering collaborative relationships and improving equality in both the access & application of educational technology in Idaho.

Prior to IDLA, Ryan served in various roles with the Bruneau – Grand View School District including  Elementary Principal, Special Education Director and Superintendent from 2014 through 2021. Ryan has also served as an Administrator and Special Education Teacher in Region III charter schools. He started his career with the Nampa School District in 2006 as an Elementary Special Education Teacher after serving briefly in the field of social work.

Ryan holds degrees in Social Work, Special Education, School Administration and Superintendency from Northwest Nazarene University. He also taught as an adjunct professor for NNU’s graduate program in his time with them. Ryan is a product of the Nampa School system & Nampa Christian Schools, having graduated 1998 before enrolling in NNU.

Ryan is an active member in various Idaho education committees, designed to help increase student achievement and move Idaho education forward. His relationships with external partners and his team’s work with the Idaho Rural Education Association is focused on improving educational opportunities for all Idaho students.