Getting Started

In order to sign up for an Idaho Digital Learning course, students must be enrolled with their local school and have completed all necessary prerequisites for the class prior to enrollment. Each school has a site coordinator who will help with registration of the online class.

Student talking to site coordinator about getting started with online classesIf you are unable to locate a site coordinator, please contact the Idaho Digital Learning office. Idaho Digital Learning does not permit students or parents to register themselves. Idaho Digital Learning will help connect you with your local site coordinator.

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Credit for Idaho Digital Learning Academy is granted through the local school district. Upon completion of all course requirements, a grade report will be provided to the registrar at the school. Credits for these courses will be part of the student’s official transcript.

Technical requirements

Student getting started with online classOrientation

Once the student is registered for their course(s) they will be enrolled in an orientation course.

  • This is a one-time prerequisite for all Idaho Digital Learning courses and will take approximately 2 hours to complete. Idaho Digital Learning offers two course models, Flex and Cohort. If a student takes both models they will be required to complete an orientation for each model.
  • Orientation provides a self-guided introduction to the skills needed for use with the learning management system software. Unlike our regular courses, orientation does not have a teacher associated with the course. Orientation gives a fundamental understanding of online rules and responsibilities.
  • Students are required to independently complete orientation before the term begins. If orientation is not completed, students will not be enrolled in their course.

Preview Orientation Lessons