Site Coordinators

Site Coordinators helping studentsSite Coordinators are paramount to student success. They are the point-person between students, the online instructors, and Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (IDLA). They also act as a friendly motivator for IDLA students, although online courses are highly interactive there is still a need for an onsite motivator. Students need to log in and complete work several times a week or they may fall behind. Falling behind in coursework is the leading cause of student dropout from online courses. 



  • Complete the online site coordinator course.
  • Determine student eligibility.
  • Register students for IDLA classes.
  • Monitor students’ progress and proctor students’ final exams.
  • Communicate regularly with students, parents and Instructor about student progress.
  • Upon successful completion of all course requirements, the site coordinator notifies the student’s home campus registrar of any credits earned through IDLA for inclusion on the student’s official local school transcript.

Important Information

  • Credit for IDLA classes is granted through the student’s school district.
  • In many cases, districts pay for students who take IDLA classes as a part of their normal school day.  The district may pass the fees on to the parent/student in overload situations.
  • Scholarships may be available.