July 10-14, 2023
The McCall Outdoor Science School

Camp Information: Everyone Can Create…Everywhere!

Camp will be held at the beautiful University of Idaho  McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS)on the shores of Payette Lake. Campus is adjacent to Ponderosa State Park, where students will hike, canoe, watch wildlife, and more. 

Enrollment is open to any students who has completed the IDLA Everyone Can Create with iPads class. During camp, students will take what they learned in Everyone Can Create and apply their skills through outdoor activities! iPads will be used to sketch, video and photograph, and create multimedia projects in nature. 


Camp is FREE to all students who participated in the IDLA Everyone Can Create with iPads class. Students will be provided with housing, meals, and will be loaned an iPad to use for the duration of camp.


Below is a sample schedule. Students should be prepared to be out in the field the entire day. 

MOSS Campus Map

About the OnRamp Program: 

IDLA is excited to offer the Everyone Can Create Camp in partnership with MOSS as a part of our Onramp program. Onramp is a partnership between IDLA, BSU, and CWI to bring high-quality computer science offerings to Idaho students through the sponsorship of Apple’s Community Education Initiative.

If you have any questions, please contact Robert Selzler, the IDLA Onramp Program Manager at onramp@idla.k12.id.us.