IDLA Coronavirus Response Resources

Idaho Digital Learning Alliance will offer support to schools during closures due to Covid-19.  The types of support that will be provided and how schools can sign up is outlined below. 

Teacher Video Tutorials

  • Designing Remote Lessons: Tutorial
  • Five Tips for Connecting with Students While Teaching Remotely: Tutorial
  • Google Talk and Comment Chrome Extension: Tutorial
  • Trauma Informed Teaching: Tutorial
  • Using CK-12 and Open Stax in Your Online Google Classroom: Tutorial
  • Using IDLA Content in Google Classroom: Tutorial
  • Using Loom in Your Online Classroom: Tutorial
  • Whiteboard Tools: Chrome Extensions That Turn a Webpage into a Whiteboard: Tutorial
  • Whiteboard Tools: Interactive Whiteboards for Live Sessions: Tutorial
  • Whiteboard Tools: Pen Tools for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint: Tutorial
  • Whiteboard Tools: Google Classroom App Annotation Grading Tool: Tutorial

Webinar Archives

Online Content

IDLA will provide access to internally created online textbook content for districts and charters for the duration of the closure.  This content is created to Idaho Standards and targeted at grades 7-12. The content will include lesson objectives, lesson content, videos with transcripts, and non-graded interactivities.

All IDLA content contains accessibility features including a built-in screen reader, alt-tags for all images, video/audio transcripts, closed captions, and alternate activities for students who can only use a keyboard.

IDLA Content Catalog

Virtual Board Meetings

In conjunction with the Idaho School Boards Association (ISBA) IDLA we will be providing training material for hosting virtual board meetings.

IDLA Courses

IDLA offers flexible solutions for students wishing to complete coursework fully online. These courses are created and taught by Idaho teachers to Idaho content standards.

Flex courses offer open enrollment, and students have the ability to progress through content at their own pace.  Students are added to the course quickly after registration, and can begin their course within 24 hours of signing up. Students also have the ability to test out of content they already know. IDLA Flex Course

Custom sections are tailored to support a school’s unique needs, and timelines. Created for school districts who have groups of more than 12 students enrolling in a single course, they follow the local district’s schedule. Students move through content along with their peers. Contact for questions on custom sections for your district. IDLA Course Catalog

For any other requests or custom solutions needed to meet the unique needs that your school or district are in, please send your request to


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Parent Directed Learning

Teacher Directed Distance Learning

Interactive Teacher Directed Distance Learning

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