Elementary Courses

Idaho Digital Learning Alliance is now offering ELA/Math for K-6 classes!

Due to high demand, limited seats are available. Please contact your local district for enrollment information.

Elementary Overview

PathBlazer Summary

Schools utilizing IDLA course options retain their Average Daily Attendance (ADA) and at-risk funding.

What support will IDLA provide districts who enroll students in the IDLA elementary program?

  • A certified teacher
  • Research-based curriculum in ELA and Math aligned to Idaho Content Standards
  • Technical support for parents and students
  • Parent/Student Orientation
  • Training and support for the site coordinator
  • ISEE data exports for ADA reports (to allow districts to submit to the state for funding).
  • Regular progress reports to the school/parent with student achievement data

What district support is required for students enrolled in the IDLA elementary program?

  • Identify school staff to serve as site coordinator at each school where students will be enrolled to facilitate registration and communication
  • Partner with IDLA to support students who have formal education plans such as an IEP or 504
  • Take academic achievement information provided by IDLA and transcribe grades according to district policy and report card procedures
  • Provide hands-on supplies (math manipulatives, small books, etc.)
  • Work with parents to ensure students have a compatible device and Internet access prior to start of class

What parent support is needed for students learning at home?

  • Parents must complete an orientation prior to students gaining access to course materials
  • Work with local school to ensure student has access to a compatible device and Internet services
  • Parents must log their younger students in each day or ensure that they can log in on their own.
  • Assist students with navigation and learning support as needed
  • Parents should communicate frequently with their teacher