Driver Education

Happy teen driver taking driver educationThe Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (IDLA) Driver Education course meets national standards for online learning and is approved by the Idaho State Department of Education.

The Idaho Digital Learning Alliance Driver Education course is a 6-week course. IDLA provides only the online/classroom portion of the program. The student is responsible to find, schedule and compensate a licensed in-car instructor (public or private) to fulfill the in-car observation and in-car instruction requirements. The online/classroom course must be completed concurrently with the behind-the-wheel and observation portions of the program. Students may begin driving after the completion of the first unit of class (1 week after the start date).

The course is pass/fail. To pass, students must have at least an 80% in each of the following areas: classroom (IDLA), in-car behind the wheel (public or private in-car instruction), and attitude (both in-class and in-car.)

How do I sign up?

  • ​Arrange with a local public or private Driver Ed instructor to complete the in-car instruction concurrently with the IDLA online course.​
  • Purchase the Supervised Instruction Permit.
  • Contact your school’s Site Coordinator to register for the classroom portion of ​Driver Education.