Site Coordinator Just-in-Time Training

2020 Site Coordinator Just-in-Time Training

  • February 18 – Portals Made Easy  (2:15PST, 3:15MST)
  • March 10 – Classroom Management- there is a toolkit for that (2:15PST, 3:15MST)
  • April 28 – What’s New & Next:  content updates, summer support & grade reporting (2:15PST, 3:15MST)

Please use this link to join the webinar 

To qualify for a $60 Amazon gift card, please participate in all three live sessions, and/or watch each archive. If attending a live webinar, you will need to complete the survey at the conclusion of the session. All active Site Coordinators will be automatically enrolled in the Schoology course that will have all the webinar materials. To access this course, Site Coordinators will need to log into their Portal. Once you are logged in you will have this tile on your dashboard

To access webinar archives, please login to your portal account and look for a tile that is titled “IDLA Site Coordinator Resources”. 

Portal Tile ExampleThis tile will take you to the Schoology course that will house the JIT Archives and Fall Conference Materials.

In order to receive the gift card, you will need to attend each of the live webinars and complete each of the live surveys, or watch the archive of the webinars and complete the assignments in Schoology by May 22, 2020. 



If you have any questions or problems, or if you want to know for which sessions you have completed a survey, please email