Our Mission

Improve the quality of learning through innovative solutions, collaborative relationships and the access and application of educational technology.

Idaho Digital Learning Alliance was created by the Idaho State Legislature (Title 33, Chapter 55 Idaho Code, 2002) and Idaho educators, developed for Idaho students, and is recognized as a leader across the nation in online virtual education. Idaho Digital Learning Alliance was created to provide access, equity, and flexibility for students in the state of Idaho according to its statutory authority, and Idaho Digital Learning Alliance enables the state to meet its constitutional requirement to provide a uniform and thorough educational system.

By creating Idaho Digital Learning Alliance, an online state school, the Idaho Legislature, school administrators, and school boards created a collaboration of 115 school districts with highly qualified teachers, online courses, virtual services, and eLearning expertise for the state in online virtual education policy, procedure, and implementation.

Funding for Idaho Digital Learning Alliance is provided by an annual appropriation and course fees charged to enrolling schools. Additional revenue comes from professional development fees and private grant funding. Idaho Digital Learning Alliance does not grant credits or issue diplomas but works in partnership with the local school districts to record student grades.